Tokyo Disney Sea – Tokyo vlog 4

Tokyo Disney Sea – the most beautiful Disney park in the world!

Tokyo Disneyland has two parks: Disneyland and Disney Sea, and Disney Sea is unlike any other Disney resort in the world! You can only find this in Japan.

Join us on our day at Tokyo Disney, and see all the areas of the park: Mediterranean Harbour, Mysterious Island (including Journey to the Centre of the Earth), Mermaid Lagoon, Arabian Coast, American Waterfront, Port Discovery and Lost River Delta. See Fantasmic at the end of the day and see our favourite Tokyo Disney Sea rides.

Tokyo Disney Sea - Tokyo vlog


We’re at Tokyo Disney!

There’s two parks here: Disneyland and Disney Sea. We’re going to Disney Sea. For the monorail. That’s the actual sea…

We’re here! Here’s my ticket, it’s got Mickey on it. This is the Hotel Miracosta, which is where we stayed once. It was so nice! Our window… you can’t see it from here but we had a view of the park, it was LOVELY! That’s where stayed! That was our window. We could see all of this from our window.

First we’re going to get fast passes for Journey to the Centre of the Earth. We’re in Mysterious Island, my favourite area of the park. The main things are Journey to the Centre of the Earth and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

Indiana Jones – we’re going on that next. We’re in Venice! Venezia!

There are two parks here: Disneyland and Disney Sea. Disneyland is similar to the Magic Kingdom or Disneyland parks around the world. And Disney Sea is completely different. If you’ve been to the other Disney parks around the world, or if you’re planning to, and you’ve only got one day to come here, definitely go to Disney Sea. Because you can’t find these rides or anything like this anywhere else in the world!

Oh no it’s the Tower of Terror! It’s the scariest ride I’ve been on, I hate the Tower of Terror!

We’re going on Journey to the Centre of the Earth again – because it’s great!!

We’re under the sea at Mermaid Lagoon!

“Arabian Nights….”

It normally looks better than this when they’re not doing refurbishments, but it still looks pretty good!

We watched Fantasmic, which was really good, and it was different from the ones in America. It was also really organised – everyone sat in rows on the ground… …and the staff stopped people holding up their phones and recording so everyone could see, and made people take off their big hats and Mickey ears.

There’s no fireworks this evening as it’s too windy – as you can probably see from the state of my hair!

We just went on Journey to the Centre of the Earth for one last time.

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